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From one off biggies to weekly entertainment by Definitive Disco!
Like a Quiz or a game of Bingo?!
Definitive Disco currently run 3 fun pub quizzes and a bingo night per week with great prizes and in many cases, cash to be won too! It's not your average boring quiz suited to masterminds... We prepare all of our quizzes from scratch with easy, medium and the odd taxing question in each round including Mystery Themes, Family Fortunes, General Knowledge, Sports & Leisure, Science & nature, Geography, History, Entertainment, Music Clips, Food & Drink and Many more fun Topics. Plus a 2 page table round with lots of pictures, dingbats and anagrams to work on during the course of the quiz. The quiz lasts a maximum of 2 hours and there is always a little more fun afterwards be it a Key in the Box cash game, Bingo or On-screen Horse Racing for a chance to win a little pocket money!
QUIZ NIGHT: Monday 8pm for 8.30pm Start
The Woodman Sports Pub & Restaurant - Pot. Germasogiea, Limassol Tourist Area
Team of up to 6 persons at €5 entry per team.
Each team get a raffle tickets and winning team of each round get further tickets.
At the end of the quiz, raffle takes place where one ticket is drawn for a team to play Key In The Box for a chance to win the rollover cash (all the €5 entry fees put together week after week!) Currently (as at 07/07/2014), the rollover cash to be won is €510.

Winners of the quiz get first choice of prize and runners up, second choice of prize.
Prizes include Woodman Platter to Share, Round of Drinks, Bottle of Wine. There is also a bonus round prize of a Bottle of Wine.

After the quiz we play ''NO NUMBERS'' Bingo at €1 and Standard Bingo at €3.
Come and Join the fun!
QUIZ NIGHT: Tuesday 7.30pm for 8pm Start
The Watering Hole Cafe Bar - RAF Akrotiri
Team of up to 6 persons at €2 entry per person.
Winning team win €50 cash, bottle of wine for the runners up and bottle of wine for the bonus round.
There is also an additional bonus 'Pick A Key' round to which we rollover €5 weekly until its won; currently (as at 08/07/2014) the rollover is €35.

After the quiz, we have the Big Cash Box Draw... tickets for this are €2 per strip and one ticket is drawn for the ticket holder to pick a box 1-15 in hope to win the jackpot... in our experience, the biggest jackpot was €1,700 with the current jackpot being around €500. There are also boxes containing small cash prizes and Booby prizes ranging from Crates of Beer to Bottles of Wine.

So if you are based at Akrotiri or have access to the station, come and join the fun!

BINGO NIGHT: Wednesday 8:30pm - 10pm (RESTARTS 9TH NOVEMBER 2016)
The Watering Hole REDS Room - RAF Akrotiri

5 Rounds of Bingo for €15

Game 1: No Numbers/ Irish / Backwards Bingo
Game 2: Standard Line & Full House
Game 3: Standard Line & Full House
Game 4: 'Flyer' a fast Full House
Game 5: 'Snowball' rollover Jackpot Round with Line & Full House

Bonus Game: Money Tree Rollover Bingo €2 - First to a line Picks an Envelope containing Cash Prize / Jackpot!

Thursday 8pm for 8.30pm Start
The Buccaneer Pub & Restaurant, Erimi Village, Limassol
Team of up to 6 persons at FREE entry.
Lots of great prizes including bottles of wine, round of drinks, breakfasts, cocktails, spot prizes throughout the quiz.
Winning team get the Big Bucc Voucher worth €10 per team member (maximum €60) for food and drink at The Buccaneer valid for 6 days!

After the quiz we play ''NO NUMBERS'' Bingo at €1 per ticket for a chance to win a little pocket money!
The Bucc quiz tends to get extremely busy soplease arrive in good time to get a table, place orders and arrange you team for a prompt start.

We hope to see you soon!

Our next Summer Boat Party on Catamaran Salone with Relax Cruises
5 hours with DJs, Free Bar, Party Buffet, Free Optional WSBA return bus and Swimming Stops on the Limassol Sea Front & Akrotiri Bay
Saturday 29th July 2017 - 12:00 until 17:00
Only €50 per person (buy 19 tickets and get the 20th ticket free!)